Matthew Hunt

Matthew Hunt Fishing Charters

If you’re looking for an unforgettable fishing experience in Victoria, you’ve come to the right place. There’s nothing like a well run charter with your best mates or family that ends in a day to remember. When you charter a fishing expedition with Skipper Matthew Hunt, this is what we aim to give you, all the time – every time.

Skipper Matt is well-known and regarded as one of the most experienced Charter Operators in Victoria. If you recognise his last name, you’ll know that fishing is in his blood. He’s been fishing with his dad, Rex, all his life so he has learnt from the best in the business.

Matthew Hunt’s Credentials

skipper matthew hunt with a very large snapper

All in an afternoon’s work for skipper Matt Hunt

When travelling out in some of the most dangerous seas in Australia it’s important that your skipper complies with all required legislation and follows best practices at all times.

In his years on and off the water, Matthew Hunt has backed up his fishing knowledge with some of the highest levels of certification you can attain. Specifically this includes a Coxswain Certificate, M.E.D Grade 3, a Master Class 5 and a Skipper 3. Unless you’re a boat owner yourself, this means he is legally certified to target the large Southern Bluefin Tuna in the Southern Ocean and venture far out to sea safely in search of the best fish.

So if you want a true game fishing experience, Matthew Hunt is the skipper you can trust.

For the safety of all of his charter guests, he also holds a level 2 first aid certification.

The MV Regina

Skipper Matt goes the extra mile to make sure his anglers are happy with their fishing experience. He will actively search and hunt for the fish that you came on board to catch on his boat, the MV Regina.

This vessel is designed with customer comfort in mind and is perfect for both inshore and offshore charter expeditions.

The MV Regina is a 9.1m Clayton Galant with an inboard Yamaha motor. The vessel meets the 2C USL Code and is designed specifically for sport fishing in Victorian waters. It will easily accommodate groups, so if you and your friends want to spend a day or an afternoon together, this is the perfect way to do it.

When you charter with Skipper Matt, you are sure to have a truly unforgettable fishing experience. You can rely on his intuition, skill and experience to select the best fishing spots for your expedition. He knows the waters like the back of his hand.

Depending on which charter you choose, you will have the option to catch a wide variety of fish including mako sharks, albacore tuna,  mahi mahi, swordfish, bluefin tuna, flathead, snapper and more.

Call Matt on 0419 760 510 to book your charter fishing expedition today!